Computer & Laptop Repairs

Having an issue with your PC or Laptop? If so then Reboot PC Repairs are here to help! Our Microsoft Certified Professional Refurbishers have dealt with it all, so give us a call today!


Wireless Solutions & WiFi Signal Optimisation

Need help setting up wireless internet? Or maybe you’re having issues with dropping wireless signal? Give the professionals at Reboot PC Repairs a call to discuss your needs.


Data Retrieval & Hard Disk Repair

Need to recover some important information or treasured family photos from a faulty hard drive? Don’t panic! Reboot PC Repairs are data recovery specialists, so give us a call!


Motherboard, PSU & Power Socket Repairs

Houston we have a problem! Is your computer or laptop showing a black screen of death? Or maybe having troubles booting up? Give Reboot PC Repairs a call today.


Fire, Liquid & Impact Damage Repairs

Has your laptop taken up drinking coffee? Or maybe even extreme sports? Whatever troubles your laptop has gotten into we’re here to help, so get in touch.


Broken Screen Repair

Has your laptop screen stopped working, been physically damaged or just showing gibberish? Give the professionals at Reboot PC Repairs a call for laptop screen repair & diagnosis.


Virus & Malware Removal

Think your computer or laptop has been infected with a Virus or Malware? Give Reboot PC Repairs a call today for quick removal before your personal information is compromised!

Need advice? Want to discuss your options? We’re here to help.

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