If asked to do so by the engineer, please enter your ‘Session Code’ in the box above and click on ‘Connect’

Reboot Remote Support

Sometimes, when you have an issue with your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, we may not need to visit your premises in order to fix it, We can offer something called ‘Remote Support’. This where the engineer will send you an E-mail with a link to follow and download some simple software or an App. Once you have done this, your run the software or start the App and the engineer, (with your authorisation) will be able to see your screen and control your device.

It’s perfectly safe and nobody except the engineer will have access to your screen – plus, after you disconnect, nobody will be able to gain remote access using this method. What’s more, when using a PC or laptop, the software you download and run is instantly removed from your device, so once we’re finished and the issue has been repaired, there are no files left behind afterwards. If on a tablet or phone, you can simply remove the App in the normal way.

Alternatively, the engineer may ask you you to visit this web page and enter a ‘Session ID’. Simply type the code in the box on the top left and click ‘Connect’, then you’re connected to each other in order that the engineer can attempt to fix the issue.

Of course, if you are not comfortable with this method of service, we will send an engineer to your premises. Simply put, being able to offer Remote Support not only saves time, it is also less expensive as there is no call out fee – just a simple, low hourly rate. Ask for further details.